Skin Problems

Your body’s biggest organ, your skin shields you from the elements—but while it’s tough, it’s not impenetrable. Allergens, environmental irritants, infection, hereditary factors, and stress are just a few of the forces that can trigger or exacerbate skin troubles.
The term skin disorder is used to describe various skin problems, ranging from small red bumps on the skin to widespread rashes. Some skin conditions can be unsightly but harmless, while others may be contagious. Many skin conditions are also itchy or painful.

Skin Problem Causes:
    • Bacteria trapped in the pores of the skin
    • Fungus, parasites or microorganisms living in the skin
    • Viruses
    • A weak immune systemv
    • Contact with allergens
    • Genetic factors
Some of the Symptoms of Skin Problems:
    • Itching
    • Swelling
    • Redness
    • Rash
    • Flaky, scaly skin
    • Blisters
    • Oozing
    • Bumps
Homeopathy Treatment for Skin Problems at Life Homeopathy in Kurnool

The homeopathic approach for Skin problems is the constitutional approach where the patient answers a list of questions, based on which the analysis and evaluation of the case is done and proper constitutional therapies are selected. As homeopathy believes, we need to treat the man in disease and not the disease in man. Skin disorders are the end results of inner, emotional stress. Homeopathy also doesn’t believe in treating the Skin disorders by local ointments and creams, rather it prefers the oral therapies which go deep into the system. We also have specialist for Skin Cancer Treatment.
Our expert Homeopaths at Life Homeopathy treat Skin Disorders using Constitutional Homeopathy Treatment and prescribe the most suitable personalized homeopathy treatment after careful analysis of the symptoms, severity and health condition of each individual. Constitutional Homeopathy treatment for skin disorders at Life Homeopathy not only controls the disease effectively but also provides long term relief by treating the roots of the problem and improves overall wellbeing.

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